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Leek and Bacon Tart

Look at these gorgeous little beauties that have just popped out of the ground in our front yard!  This very same yard was covered in about 4 inches of snow last week and now there are a few little signs … Continue reading

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Nashville Part 1

We are currently enjoying a bit of southern hospitality in Tennessee.  Joel’s brother and family live in Franklin so we came here for the week for Thanksgiving and to take in some of the sights and sounds of Nashville. Well, … Continue reading

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Butternut Pumpkin Soup

The leaves are slowly, slowly changing colour and there is an ever so slight chill in the air now that Fall has officially started.  But if you missed those signs of the new season then every shop seems to have … Continue reading

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Lemon And Herb Spaghetti

My kids have always been hit or miss when it comes to serving pasta and it has been a long time since I served it for dinner.  In the last couple of weeks we have had it twice and most … Continue reading

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Pistachio Meringues With Rosewater Cream

The weekends here lately have been so gorgeous.  Clear, sunny skies, trees are blossoming  and everyone seems to be out and about enjoying the warm change.  Our kids spent the majority of the weekend in the pool and by the … Continue reading

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Roast Vegetable Tarte Tatin

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that this is yet another recipe inspired from watching My Kitchen Rules, but doesn’t it look so delicious? ‘Tarte Tatin’ sounds so technical and fiddly but it isn’t.  The basic idea is to roast … Continue reading

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Baharat BBQ Steaks With Sweet Potato Mash And Mint Yoghurt Sauce

My goodness it has been a long time since I had a steak on the BBQ.  We bought some sirloin steaks on the weekend and I couldn’t wait to get home and fire up our new Weber.  I knew exactly … Continue reading

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Apple Breakfast Bruschetta

I saw this sweet breakfast bruschetta being made on TV awhile ago by a former contestant on Masterchef, Debra Sederlan, and I bookmarked the recipe with the plan to make it that very weekend.  Well it didn’t happen then but eventually … Continue reading

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The Better Flour Tortillas

A couple of years ago I posted up a Donna Hay recipe for Flour Tortillas.  It takes a bit of time to work the butter into the flour but the water measurements were way off. I would add half the … Continue reading

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Basic Homemade Bread

Happy new year!  A new year and I’m happy to get it started, take stock of life and think about the year ahead.  We’ll be staying put in California for 2013 and we hope to see as much as we … Continue reading

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