We have been living here in beautiful Boulder for 3 weeks and it has been a fairly seamless transition into a new home, a new neighbourhood and new schools for the kids.  I do not enjoy moving though.  All the little details and all the paperwork to fill out and of course, all the unpacking but I’m so glad with our decision to move here.  We all love it and it is certainly not hard to be looking out to stunning, dramatic, snow-capped mountains all day long.

We are very far from sub-tropical Queensland as we shovel snow from the driveway and walk to school through the snow.  The kids play outside at lunchtime at school even when it is snowing!  Obviously the snow is very novel for us but the weather here changes so dramatically.  It can be snowing one day and the next day, the sun will be out, the skies will be blue and the snow can melt by midday.  The noise that the melting snow makes is surprisingly loud as it constantly trickles down the roof and into the down pipes.  You have to dodge the chunks of snow falling from the trees as you walk up the street.


I am hugely relieved to see the kids settled so quickly into yet another school.  Levi has started at middle school which he was very apprehensive about.  Thankfully he has jumped right in, got involved, made friends and loves it.  A huge relief!

Well there are still 8 boxes that still need to be unpacked but my motivation has left the building.  My studies have started up again so the time that kids are at school is dedicated to the books which doesn’t leave much spare time.  Time seems to be a rare commodity and there are too many good books I want to read, hikes I want to explore and sewing projects that I want to finish and begin.  With Levi’s 12th birthday just around the corner, I’m feeling an urgency to enjoy more and more time with all the kids.  We have been enjoying skiing and love doing this as a family.  It takes just over half an hour if the roads are clear to get to the nearest ski resort so we have been getting in some half days which is less tiring.


Cooking, fortunately, is something I have to do each day so I enjoy that creative outlet.  Each week I try at least one new recipe and it is becoming a lot more enjoyable as the kids get older and take an interest.  I tried Annabel Langbeins recipe for Speedy Mayo back in December and I have been making it lots ever since.  Annabel Langbein just has so many good recipes and this one is no exception.  I did not know that mayonnaise could be so easy.  You literally put all the ingredients into a narrow container and blitz with a stick blender.  That is it!  Pop a lid on and it keeps for a fortnight!


I spread it on the kids sandwiches for school and they love it.  Tonight I roasted some salmon and veggies and served it with this mayonnaise with chopped basil and capers mixed through.  The 3 older kids loved it.  Elliott prefers the plain mayo but he’ll grow out of it!

Well there you go.  The first recipe for 2014.  Now back to the books.



(from Annabel Langbein’s book ‘Simple Pleasures’)

2 eggs
3 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon salt
a good pinch of white pepper
1 1/4 cups neutral oil

Put all the ingredients into a narrow container and blitz with a stick blender.  So easy!

If you want a thicker mayonnaise, which I normally do, just add some more oil and blitz again.  Add up to 1/4 cup extra if needed.  If a thinner mayonnaise is needed then just add some hot water.

I often halve this recipe, as I did in the photos, when I just need a smaller amount.

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4 Responses to Mayonnaise

  1. Cake says:

    I have been checking your blog almost daily and am so happy to see your post today! I was worried you had stopped blogging, I have enjoyed reading your posts so much! But I appreciate how little time you must have – just wanted to say I have been inspired by your recipes, particularly your honesty about your children not liking everything you make! And I have found your story of moving your family fascinating, particularly as we are hoping to emigrate too. Hope you will continue to find time to write posts every now and then! x

  2. Shirley Hynes says:

    I have missed your blogs Natalie and thought you must be very busy. I was right! I hope you all have a great time in Boulder. I love the recipes you post, they really work for this rather lazy, but still keen, cook! Many thanks.

    • natalie says:

      Thanks Shirley! Yes we have been so busy and I don’t like being busy one bit. I’m glad you love the recipes and I hope you continue to find some inspiration here.

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