Nashville Part 1

Country Music Hall of Fame

We are currently enjoying a bit of southern hospitality in Tennessee.  Joel’s brother and family live in Franklin so we came here for the week for Thanksgiving and to take in some of the sights and sounds of Nashville.

011Turkey Trot

Well, this place is truly lovely. The first thing that struck us was how friendly everyone is.  Folks here have manners and are happy to have a conversation.  We have even received a couple of invitations from folks asking us to drop by and visit.  Fall seems very much finished up here as the trees are almost bare and it is too cold for our blood.  The older kids and I ran a 5km Turkey Trot here on Thanksgiving morning in -4 degree C weather.  I really regretted not wearing gloves!  My hands were achingly cold but the rest of my body warmed up pretty quickly.

The Johnny Cash MuseumThe Johnny Cash Museum

Joel has a love for all music but there is a very special place in his heart for Johnny Cash.  We were able to get along to the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Johnny Cash Museum and even drive past the remnants of his burnt down house by Old Hickory Lake. Joel had a list of things he wanted to see and we have got through a fair amount of them but another trip will be needed I think.  We Honky Tonked down Broadway and visited the Ernest Tubb Record Shop.  The highlight though was getting a couple of seats at one of the small, intimate tables in Bluebird Cafe last night to listen to some beautiful music.  It was fully packed and everyone just sat and listened.  An incredible venue for songwriters.

Ernest Tubb Records, Nashville

I do love this place so much and would love to spend a lot more time here. We still have a couple more days before flying back to California so the plan tomorrow is to go and start our day with some good Southern fare – biscuits and gravy!  I have never tried it before so I’ll be sure to report back.

Nashville BootsNashvilleNashvilleNashvilleHonky Tonk

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2 Responses to Nashville Part 1

  1. Brooke says:

    Love it! I can’t wait to read about the rest. Some of the great southern food would certainly tempt me!

  2. Mrs T says:

    Sounds like you really enjoyed your trip! Look forward to seeing a write up about the food! Mrs T

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