Spicy BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Spicy BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Our BBQ has been getting a good workout now the weather is warming up.  This is a very easy spice mix that I use for chicken drumsticks and the kids all love it.  The ‘spicy’ bit isn’t so much heat just a good mix of different spices and a hint of chilli.  But the chilli can be completely omitted from the recipe if you don’t want any heat.

Ideally, with most marinades and spice rubs, you want to leave everything to marinate for a couple of hours but I’m not always that well organised and everyone is still very happy with the results.

This is an easy family dinner with some cobs of corn thrown on the BBQ and a green salad. I also like to buy a loaf of Turkish bread or focaccia and slice in half length-ways, drizzle over a little olive oil and toast on the both sides on the BBQ.  I slice a clove of garlic in half and rub over the toasted bread lightly for a bit of flavour then sprinkle over some salt and chopped parsley.

Organic chicken drumsticks are incredibly affordable here.  I’ve been buying them from Trader Joe’s or Costco and it costs about $6 to get enough for our family.  So it is a good option if there are a lot of people to feed without breaking the budget.

Spicy BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

spicy bbq chicken drumsticks

1 kg chicken drumsticks
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon mustard powder
1/4 ground chilli
1 teaspoon salt
some freshly ground black pepper
lime wedges, for serving

Mix everything together and leave to marinate for a couple of hours – if time allows!

Preheat the BBQ to medium/hot.  I cook the chicken using indirect heat so I set the side burners to medium/hot and turn off the center burner.  Then I arrange the chicken in the middle of BBQ and put the lid down.  After 15 minutes I turn the chicken over, and give the chicken a brush with leftover marinade,  then put the lid down.  After 15 minutes, check to see if the chicken is cooked through.  It may need more time but once it is cooked put the chicken on the warming rack to rest with the lid down and BBQ off.  If you don’t have a warming rack then just put the chicken on a plate and over with foil and leave to rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.  Serve with some lime wedges.

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7 Responses to Spicy BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

  1. Gary says:

    They looks delicious.

  2. Another winner recipe! We served this to our small group today for an after-church cookout and everyone raved about it. Ben put the marinade together before we went to church then fired up the BBQ when we got home – too easy. Will definitely be making this another time this summer.

    • natalie says:

      Fantastic! I’ve heard the term ‘cook out’ a bit and I assuming it is a BBQ. Joel keeps pulling me up when I say I’m going to BBQ something – ‘you are in America so you are ‘grilling”.

      • LOL – yes, a ‘cook out’ would be a BBQ. Here, BBQ is a cuisine of food, typically from a BBQ restaurant, or something cooked in BBQ sauce. It’s a Southern thing.

  3. Ben wanted me to leave a note to say that we made this tonight with chicken thighs as the drumsticks were all out at the store. It took the same amount of time with the thighs. The temperature on the grill was 400 degrees F.

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