Zucchini Dip

Zucchini Dip

The one week break from school is over and kids have returned to the regular routine. Poor Elliott has a bit of a head cold so I have kept him home the last few days so he doesn’t go and cough over his classmates.  Now Tilly has a sore throat and headaches.  No one is terribly sick but they were both home today taking it easy.  Resting in bed with some books, watching a movie and making a 3 course meal out of playdough which is the colour of a ripe bowen mango!


Although it gets a little frustrating not being able to get out of the house for a quick run or do errands, I have enjoyed the stillness of being stuck at home.  Finally having some time to flick through some books I have had sitting on the coffee table and on my bedside table.  I sometimes head upstairs for bed at night with a modest pile of cookbooks to read in the comfort of bed. But often weariness gets the better of me and I find them on the floor in the morning after I’ve kicked them out of bed through the night.

Colour by Victoria Alexander

Although this particular book is not a cookbook, it is just gorgeous to flick through.  It is by Victoria Alexander who has beautiful photography from her extensive travels.  A couple of years ago I heard her talk at the Byron Bay Writers Festival about my absolute favourite subject -food. I have been a fan ever since and love her visual blog.

Colour by Victoria Alexander

‘Colour: A Journey’ is chapters divided by colour and there are little pieces of wisdom dotted throughout.  My favourite – ‘choose your attitude’.

Colour by Victoria Alexander

So with sick kids resting I flicked through a few cookbooks and worked out what I had in my fridge and pantry for a delicious lunch.  I decided on a Carrot Soup, Zucchini Dip and Flour Tortillas.  I want to share all three recipes but I will start today with the dip.

Cookbook inspiration

Turkish Flavours, by Sevtap Yüce, has simple recipes packed with flavour.  And her recipes really are short and easy with readily available ingredients so it is very approachable. She use to work with Bill Granger so perhaps his simple approach has influenced her own style.  In my fridge was the sad remains of a bunch of dill so I was happy to find a recipe to use some up.

Zucchini Dip

Best to start by finely chopping up a whole zucchini as this needs to be fried in olive oil until browned and then put aside to cool.


The recipe isn’t too clear if the oil gets drained off after cooking.  I think it adds to the flavour but it doesn’t look particularly pretty mixed into the yoghurt.  I kept the oil but just gave the finished dip a good stir and it was scrumptious.


To the yoghurt I added half a clove of crushed garlic and a good pinch of salt.  Salt will make or break this dip so don’t be stingy! Then stir through the cooled zucchini and place in the serving bowl.  Sprinkle over a really good spoonful of chopped dill.  Elliott wasn’t keen on the dill but Tilly mopped up the dip with our tortillas just as enthusiastically as me.

Garlic Yoghurt

This is best to make right before serving.  It will keep in the fridge for several hours but I wouldn’t sprinkle over the dill until just before it is served.

Zucchini Dip

zucchini dip

(slightly adapted from Turkish Flavours by Sevtap Yüce)

3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 zucchini, chopped
125g Greek yoghurt
1/2 clove of garlic, crushed
sea salt
1 tablespoon chopped dill

Heat the oil in a frypan and cook the zucchini over a high heat for 5 minutes or until golden brown.  Set aside to cool.

In a bowl mix together the yoghurt and garlic and season to taste.  Add the cooled zucchini and mix together.  Dollop into a serving bowl and sprinkle over the chopped dill.

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2 Responses to Zucchini Dip

  1. Victoria says:

    This sounds like it would be good used as a condiment with grilled lamb chops. What do you think? Do you recommend this book highly?

    • natalie says:

      Oh yum! I hadn’t thought of that when I was gobbling it down but it most certainly would work. I really like this book. There are some recipes I’ve never heard of, let alone tried, like Flatbreads with Tahini and Honey and Rose Petal Jam. And recipes that would be at home on any dinner table like Chicken and Couscous Salad, Lamb Kofte and Chargrilled Chicken with Green Chillies and Tomato. There are a few recipes I personally will avoid – the most obvious one is the Fried Sheep’s Testicles. I got a big bag of limes the other day so this weekend I’m going to give her Lime and Polenta Cake a whirl – polenta, greek yoghurt and limes. Yum.

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