Pineapple With Mint Sugar

Summer arrived in Brisbane a little earlier than scheduled.  The kids are wanting to go swimming every day and the fruit and veg shop is overflowing with tomatoes, capsicums mangoes, watermelon and pineapples.

Besides the kids requesting pineapple on their ham pizzas I haven’t really experimented  cooking or baking with pineapple.  I prefer to eat it a la naturale. Perfectly sweet and juicy, but with a little tweaking pineapple is transformed into an incredible dessert.

The pineapple is sliced in super thin slices and arranged artfully on a platter.  Then some sugar and mint leaves are ground together in a mortar and pestle then scattered over the pineapple.  This simple combination has stood the test of time as this has been on high rotation here since I first read Jamie Oliver’s ‘Pukka Pineapple With Bashed-Up Mint Sugar’ almost 9 years ago.  This is an utterly scrumptious way to serve this summer’s Queensland pineapples.

pineapple with mint sugar

1 ripe pineapple, peeled, cored, thinly sliced
1/4 cup caster sugar
1/2 cup mint leaves

Arrange the thin slices of pineapple on a platter.

Grind the sugar and mint leaves together in a mortar and pestle.  Scatter over the pineapple and serve.

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