Cointreau Oranges

Almost two years ago I was visiting my friend Brooke who was in town and staying at her parents place.  Brooke’s mum had been celebrating a big birthday the day before and a neighbour had dropped over a big dish of Cointreau Oranges to celebrate.  Lucky for me we got to sample some after lunch with a nice drizzle of cream and it was so simple but so good.  Perfect after a big roast lunch and a delicious way to give your immune system a big boost.

Oranges are well and truly is season now and this makes a very refreshing dessert after a heavy Winters dinner or weekend lunch.  Best made the day before so it is nicely chilled in the fridge and then serve with a big swirl of cream.  If you don’t have any orange liqueur you could use a little orange blossom water.  Just add a tiny little bit at a time and taste – it can be quite strong and you only want the subtle flavour.  Orange blossom oranges would be an ideal dessert after a warming tagine especially with a scattering of roughly chopped pistachios.

cointreau oranges

2 kg of oranges
200g caster sugar
3/4 cup water
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons Cointreau

Zest 4 of the oranges into a bowl.  Slice the top and bottom off all the oranges and cut along the curve of the oranges to remove all of the peel.  Segment the oranges while holding the orange over a bowl to catch the segments and juices.  Segment the orange by cutting along the membrane on both sides of each segment. The segments will fall into the bowl.

Put the sugar and water in a saucepan and stir until sugar is dissolved.  Bring to the boil and add the orange zest, lemon juice and orange juice that was caught in bowl from segmenting the fruit.  Simmer until the syrup has thickened and is golden in colour.  Stir in the Cointreau and allow to simmer for a further 2 minutes.  Take off the heat and add the orange segments.  Leave to cool then place the fruit and the syrup in a dish and keep covered in the fridge over night.  Serve with pouring cream.

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2 Responses to Cointreau Oranges

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Food like this makes me happy. Simple but makes you feel kissed some how.

  2. Rachel Hockey says:

    I noticed the microplane in the pictures. Is that the one Del picked up over here or do you have them in AUS? By far one of my favorite kitchen tools. Also, I was at the bookstore and noticed Jamie Oliver has a new magazine that is printed in the UK. It was selling for $10 (quite expensive for a mag)! Do you have it there at all?

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