Raspberry Yoghurt Cake

I was in Black Cat Books at Paddington a couple of months ago, browsing the cookbook section where I came across a  local school’s community cookbook.  My favourite cookbooks are community cookbooks as the recipes have been tried, tested and loved.  The cookbook is called Nourish which is a collection of recipes from the families at Bardon State School.

There are several recipes I can’t wait to try and one that stood out was a Raspberry Yoghurt Cake.  But with the packing and moving I have only been sticking to the most basic cooking.  Last week I was having a coffee in a little cafe in Bardon and in the cake display cabinet was a very luscious looking Raspberry Yoghurt Cake.  I couldn’t resist and devoured a slice and then remembered I had a recipe at home of the same name!  Made my day!

This recipe should have been on the front cover of the cookbook.  It is so yummy, moist and  surprisingly easy.  I put Essie in charge of the mixing bowl and all that was required was a little whisking and mixing.  A one bowl cake.  I’m always wary of ‘one bowl’ anything but this cake worked even with a four year old as head chef.

All the kids said it was the best cake ever.  Everyone loved it and I had hoped to take half the cake to a baby shower the next day but we were all powerless against the allure of the cake.  There was nothing left to take.  This is indeed a recipe to be repeated and declared a favourite.  I highly recommend it.

raspberry yoghurt cake

(the cake recipe is from ‘Nourish’ from Bardon State School)

1 cup vegetable oil
1 1/2 cups caster sugar
2 eggs
1 cup full fat Greek yoghurt
2 cups self-raising flour
1 cup frozen raspberries

cream cheese icing

(you could easily half the icing quantities below as this is a generous amount but it is quite delicious)

100g unsalted butter, softened
250g cream cheese, softened
500g icing sugar, sifted

Preheat oven to 170 degrees C.  Grease and line a 23cm springform cake tin.

Whisk together the vegetable oil and caster sugar.  Add the eggs one at a time and whisk. Then mix in the yoghurt.  Fold through the flour like you would with a muffin mix – a little lumpy is OK so don’t over mix.  Fold through the raspberries then pour into the prepared cake tin.

Bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes or until cooked through (if it is browning too quickly and taking longer to cook then just cover the cake with some aluminium foil and continue to cook until cooked through – test with a skewer) .  Leave to cool in the tin. Once completely cooled ice with cream cheese icing.

For the icing, cream the butter and cream cheese together until pale and smooth.  Mix in the sifted icing sugar

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35 Responses to Raspberry Yoghurt Cake

  1. Diana says:

    This looks scrumptious – Thank you!! Will definitely be giving this a go on the holidays!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I will definitely be trying this cake, It looks divine and I imagine when you cut a slice it would look so pretty on a plate too.

  3. Angela says:

    I immediately printed this out, and as I had no greek yogurt in the fridge, went to the shop so I could make it….hopefully tomorrow. I imagine it is so moist and will keep well, although you did not get the opportunity to test its keeping abilities!
    Thanks again.
    You’re wonderful.

  4. Louise Moore says:

    This is a sensational recipe, easy and looked and tasted amazing. I made 5 cupcakes and one round tin (was quicker to bake through without volume).
    Highly recommended.

  5. Paula Neill says:

    Mixed some berries into the icing and made a lovely pink colour. receipe works perfectly

    • natalie says:

      Good idea Paula! I have added pureed strawberries to icing on kids birthday cakes and not only does it look pretty, it tastes amazing. Will try that with this cake next time. Thanks!

  6. Joanna says:

    Hi Natalie,

    Just wanted to let you know that your blog is a happy surprise find for me 🙂 Given that I was just looking for a recipe for raspberry yogurt cake, it’s especially wonderful to discover that the “Paddington” you mentioned above is the same Paddington near where I live! I think I’ve fallen in love with your blog and I have to admit that the almond croissant at the Rosalie gourmet market is my favourite too 🙂

    • natalie says:

      I’m glad you are enjoying the blog Joanna, and that we have a shared loved of the almond croissants at Rosalie! I just wish they made coffee there too so I could get my coffee and croissant all at the one shop!

  7. Lynne Pauling says:

    I am also a mother of 4 children, 4 gorgeous boys who are always hungry! This cake was a real winner and the recipe was easy to follow. Had to increase the cooking time by 10 mins and decided we didn’t need the extra calories by adding the icing, just dusted cake with icing sugar. Yummy. Thanks for sharing. Lynne

    • natalie says:

      Wow – four boys – I think that is wonderful! I don’t have any brothers so I always hoped for sons. A dusting of icing sugar is all it needs – but from time to time you have to just treat yourself and have the icing! Nat

  8. Kelly says:

    I bought a piece of this very cake yesterday at Sassafrass in Paddington and it was so lovely I’ve come looking for a recipe. I’m delighted to see your post and given you found the recipe just down the road, I’m sure they’re one and the same! Thank you so much.
    Kel x

  9. michelle says:

    This cake is AMAZING! i made it and it turned out so moist and full of flavor.
    Its also very easy, it makes beginners like myself look like professionals 😛
    Will definitely be making this again, your blog is wonderful 🙂
    Thank you heaps

  10. Michelle says:

    I was searching for recipes my granddaughter (6) and I could make during her recent school holiday visit when we came across your blog and discovered this fabulous recipe. Rather than a large cake, we chose to make cup cakes and Gabrielle enjoyed icing them with the cream cheese icing. We used gluten free SR flour (Whitewings) and the cakes turned out beautifully. I really enjoy your blog and am looking forward to trying out more of your recipes. Thanks, and all the best. Michelle

    • natalie says:

      This cake is brilliant for cupcakes, plus it cooks faster which is important when cooking with kids! That is so lovely to get into the kitchen with your grandaughter and bake something special. I”m sure it was a highlight of her school holidays! Good to know that the gluten free flour worked well too. I’m glad you discovered my blog! Nat

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  12. adrienne says:

    I tried adding raspberry flavoured yoghurt which added a delicious zing. Great easy recipe. Thanks

  13. Marie says:

    My husband loves raspberries. I made this for his birthday – 4th July
    Everyone just loved it. What a wonderful recipe. Many thanks.

    • natalie says:

      I’m glad your husband loved it. You could decorate the iced cake with extra raspberries and a light dusting of icing sugar to make it look that little bit special.

  14. Quiltygal says:

    Just made this…….. delicious taste !! made cupcake size with Gluten free flour & lactose free yoghurt & some fresh raspberries that were looking a bit sad 🙂 will tweak a bit next time to accommodate the flour ( I may put a bit less oil in) & not over mix it like I did !! Going to try your Lemon Lentils next week thanks for all the recipes so glad I found your blog … Are you on Facebook? Have sent your blog link to my daughter who lives in Wales 🙂

  15. Mrs T says:

    I made this into cupcakes as I am time poor this morning. They are in the oven as we speak! Whenever I need inspiration for dinner, or looking for a cake to make I often return to your blog to browse through the archives. I know its hectic for you in the u.s at the moment, but just wanted to let you know what a great job you do here.
    Thank you!
    Mrs T xx

    • natalie says:

      Thank-you for your very kind words! I’m so glad to hear that you have enjoyed the recipes as much as I have. I hope that once I’m settled here in Boulder a bit more then I will make the time to share more recipes. Nat x

  16. Mrs T says:

    I loved this recipe as cupcakes!
    And everyone was very impressed at the morning tea I went to 😉 but my kids didn’t like them….which means I won’t get to make them very often.
    Great effort-to-wow-factor ratio on this. And it contains Yogurt, which makes it Healthy!
    x Mrs T

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  18. Reena says:

    Great recipe! I had to tweak it a bit (I usually do but that is generally due to not having all the ingredients). I added some lime zest which was lovely and then I didn’t have plain yoghurt so I used all the raspberry yoghurt I had and then made it one Cup by adding puréed apple. It still worked great! I even had to use tinned raspberries but they we’re well drained so it was fine. I also made some into cupcakes which I’ll keep for school lunches next week. It rose well even though one quarter of the flour was spelt. And it’s very moist. I should have cut the sugar more though, given the yoghurt and apple were sweet.

  19. Sharon says:

    Wow! I really enjoyed this cake. Very simple to make (oil instead of creaming butter and sugar means it can easily be done by hand). My cake rose quite a bit. You can most certainly halve the icing quantity. I might add a hint of lemon zest next time but it was delicious without it so perhaps not. Thank you for this lovely recipe

  20. Suriya says:

    Awesome cake. Shared at extended family dinner tonight. Went down really well with lots of compliments. I used olive oil (extra virgin, all I had), brown sugar (1C) and 500gm frozen raspberry. Needed to cook at least 1 hour 40 min with extra raspberries. Didn’t ice it but had a slightly sweet cream cheese/yoghurt sauce on the side with fresh strawberries.
    Will definitely make it again. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Definite winner.

  21. Penelope says:

    I love this recipe! Its a one bowl wonder, with no beating required, making it perfect for my 3 year old and I to make. We do halve the sugar and don’t bother with the frosting, and still find them delicious. We also often do as cupcakes, which work just as well. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  22. Louise says:

    Thank you for sharing this! Just made it last night when I was looking for a quick treat that used up some of my frozen fruit stash. This is delicious.

  23. Carmen Redmann says:

    A friend made this cake for our knitting meet up. It was amazing. Thank you for sharing and thanks to the ladies of Bardon. Happy baking

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