Maple And Almond Porridge

Porridge is a staple in our house in winter.  We all love it which makes breakfast easy however sometimes Essie still prefers her Weet-bix cereal dry in a bowl with a glass of milk on the side!  It makes for a crumbly, messy breakfast so I prefer she has porridge.

When I am organised I will put the oats in the saucepan with equal quantities of water and a pinch of salt the night before.  I just pop a lid on and leave it.  There are a few mornings that we have early starts at school and Joel has been leaving before 6am lately so I really struggle to get all four kids out the door but having the pot of porridge ready to go makes it easier.  All I do is cook it, stirring over a low heat until thickened and then just stir in some milk for extra creaminess.

The kids love a little cinnamon mixed through, a good sprinkling of brown sugar over the top and extra milk.  I have been roughly chopping up almonds or pecans and sprinkling over the top and then drizzling over some pure maple syrup.  It makes winter worthwhile.

Winners announced … thank-you to everyone who shared their favourite spices.  It has got me thinking about cardamon and how I can use it more.  Saffron too especially after just watching saffron popcorn being made on Masterchef! Levi kindly drew these names out of the hat for me – Lili, Angela, Elizabeth, Kimberley and Alice.  So be sure to email me at with your postal address and you’ll be sipping Chai lattes before you know it!

maple and almond porridge

(the quantities below are for one person so adjust for how many porridge orders come in)

1/3 cup whole rolled oats
1/3 cup water
pinch of salt
1/3 of milk plus more if needed
almonds or pecans, roughly chopped
pure maple syrup

If you can soak the oats in the water overnight it will speed up the cooking.  Just put the oats, water and pinch of salt in a saucepan and pop the lid on.  The next morning just stir over a low heat until thickened.  Stir in the milk and warm through.

Serve in bowls with the almonds on top and a generous swirl of maple syrup.

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