Choc Mint Ice-Cream Cake

When a boy turns 9 I guess it is time to do away with the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book.  Levi didn’t really have a great interest in flicking through all the birthday cake books this year to choose a novelty cake.  All he wanted was something he wanted to eat – ice-cream and choc mint slice biscuits.  His favourite treats combined to make a pretty good birthday cake.

Levi’s birthday was yesterday and he spent the day doing all his favourite things and eating all his favourite food.  Thankfully it was a very warm day so an ice-cream cake was very well received by all 6 children.

Joel took Levi and a couple of friends out all afternoon to the Ipswich Rail Museum as Levi is just train crazy.  We really thought trains would be something he would grow out of but he is determined to be an engineer and design trains and machinery and then on weekends drive steam trains.  He has it all mapped out. So I spent the afternoon home with my three younger kids and took in the sunshine in the backyard.   The BBQ was sizzling away where the chicken was roasting for dinner.  A beautiful day.

Ice-cream cakes are the easiest things to assemble.  I didn’t make my own ice-cream so it was speedy.  But you do need to allow for some time for each layer to firm up in the freezer.  I started the day before with the first layer in the afternoon.  Then just before I went to bed I added the vanilla layer.  Then finished off the final layer the next morning.  Just before I served I halved a few extra biscuits, got the candles all ready and some extra ice magic topping.  The cake went straight onto the platter and I quickly arranged the halved biscuits, drizzled over the topping and then finished off with the candles.  Only took a minute and it was ready.

I am assuming that most people in Australia are familiar with Ice Magic – the chocolate topping that hardens when it goes on cold ice-cream.  For those who live elsewhere then maybe you have something similar.

choc mint ice-cream cake

2 litres chocolate ice-cream
2 litres vanilla ice-cream
2-3 packets of choc mint slice biscuits (depends on how much crunch you want)
choc mint Ice Magic or similar

Line the base of a 26cm springform tin with freezer film (Glad Go Betweens).  You can put some around the sides too if you want.  I didn’t so I just had wait for the ice-cream to soften a little before I could unclip the springform tin to remove the cake.

Drizzle over some choc mint Ice Magic over the base of tin and smooth.  Pop tin in the freezer.

Place 1 litre of the chocolate in a large bowl and leave to soften.  Put aside 4 or 5 mint slice biscuits to decorate and crush the remaining biscuits.  Mix through half the crushed biscuits into the softened chocolate ice-cream and tip into the tin.  Smooth and return to freezer.  Leave until the ice-cream has firmed up.

Put all the vanilla ice-cream into a large bowl and leave to soften and stir through.  Tip over the chocolate layer and smooth.  Return to freezer and leave until it has firmed up.

Soften the remaining chocolate ice-cream in a large bowl and stir through remaining crushed biscuits.  Tip over the vanilla ice-cream layer and smooth.  Return to freezer until firm and ready to serve.

Pre-chill a cake stand or plate.  Remove cake from freezer and leave to soften for a minute then unclip the springform tin and slide the cake onto the stand or plate.  Half the reserved mint slice biscuits and arrange on top.  Drizzle over the choc mint Ice Magic.  Return any uneaten cake to the freezer straight away.

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8 Responses to Choc Mint Ice-Cream Cake

  1. Jenny Cain says:

    Hi Natalie,
    Hope Levi had a great day.
    Card a little late as Paul forgot to post it for me.

  2. Jenny Cain says:

    PS love the new banner!! but of course I am a little biased.

  3. Yasmin says:

    This looks truely spectacular – no wonder everyone enjoyed it! I hope Levi had a fantastic day with family and friends.

    I am glad that you mentioned your website to my mum because I truely do enjoy reading all of your posts. I will come back and comment when I can. Please have a peek at my blog when you have a moment, I think you’ll like it just as much as I like yours!


  4. Well I already had my little reminisce sniff sniff on Facebook. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEVI! YOUR CAKE LOOKS AWESOME! Great job Nat!

    PS DId you get an email from Sydney Writer’s Centre?!?!

  5. Cassie says:

    What a great idea! I bet the boys and girls loved it – I know I would. Oh and I’m looooving the new banner too, and looking at the other comments is it a Sharolyn/Kirsty piece of Art? I think it’s wonderful!

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