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Spiced Chickpeas With Spinach

My lovely friend Cassie lives outside of Brisbane up at Mt Nebo, so heading down the mountain to pick up something quick for dinner isn’t really an option.  But Cassie, being the positive soul she is, says when she runs … Continue reading

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I’ve just snuck in a bit of holiday over the Easter weekend.  A bit of celebrating with Easter and my 35th birthday, which fell on Easter Saturday, so cooking and eating were a big part of the long weekend.  Coffee, … Continue reading

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Apricot Chocolate Chip Cake

I first ate this cake a few years ago in a meeting for our schools edible garden.  Grace, our lovely tuck-shop and edible garden coordinator, had made this cake for morning tea and it was beautiful.  Very moist and flecked … Continue reading

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Chilli Broccoli With Soy Roasted Almonds

I have mentioned before how much my two girls love broccoli.  The boys will eat it but begrudgingly like it is a chore.  Steamed broccoli served plain, all by itself, is how the girls like it and I find this … Continue reading

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Chocolate Macaroons

One of my favourite sweet food combinations are macadamia nuts, coconut and chocolate.  I’ll try and work it into any bit of baking I can – brownies, cookies, rocky road, fudge, cakes etc.  So there was no doubt that this … Continue reading

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Tomato And Coriander Indian Lamb

This is a good family meal to have bubbling away on the stove on a rainy day, or any day for that matter.  It doesn’t take long to prepare but once everything is in the pot you leave it for … Continue reading

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Finnish Rye Bread

Today was not my best day.  I should have just gone back to bed after turning up at school with my kids in free dress – it seems I was the only mum who didn’t get the memo that it … Continue reading

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Iced Blueberries With Hot White Chocolate Sauce

I came across this clever little recipe in Nadine Abensur’s cookbook ‘Enjoy’ where she claims she was inspired by the iced berries with hot chocolate sauce from The Ivy restaurant in London.  It is so simple but so lovely. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Asian Vegetable Salad

When I make an Asian style main meal I’m always a bit lost choosing a good salad that will go with it.  Most of the Asian style salads I make are a complete meal as they either have some meat, … Continue reading

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Choc Mint Ice-Cream Cake

When a boy turns 9 I guess it is time to do away with the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book.  Levi didn’t really have a great interest in flicking through all the birthday cake books this year to choose … Continue reading

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