Fried Eggs With Spicy Tamarind Dressing

This is one of those meals that will have you licking the plate to savour the last drop of dressing.  So don’t make it when you have company.  It is one of those late Sunday suppers you cook for yourself and a loved one and then greedily eat standing up at the kitchen bench.  Trust me, you won’t make it to the dining table with this. Simple but boy oh boy it packs a punch.

This is the closest I’ve come to being able to replicate the Yum Khai Dao (fried egg salad) from Thai Wi-Rat in Fortitude Valley.  I don’t make it as spicy as they make at Thai Wi-Rat but the plate licking goodness is all there.

The recipe below really only feeds one person.  We follow the recipe plus cook an extra 2 eggs and that is enough for Joel and me to have a light supper.  The kids get poached eggs on toast or scrambled eggs.  If you feel like something more substantial then just serve with steamed rice and double the dressing.  Add a good handful of bean sprouts and sliced lebanese cucumber.

Wild green chillies are called for in this recipe.  I use whatever chillies I have to hand.  Usually just those small red birds-eye chillies.

On another note, we have been house bound for a good couple of weeks with one kid or another being sick.  Although we aren’t 100% just yet we decided to have a change of scenery and drive up or rather down the coast and then up into the hinterlands to Lamington National Park.  The fresh air, the cooler climate, the view – it makes the winding, spiralling, dangerous road on the way up worthwhile.


We all trekked through the rainforest, walked through hollowed out strangling fig trees and spotted a lot of wildlife.  The kids want to go again next weekend.

It is one of my favourite things to do, pack a picnic and go on a day trip.  It sure beats packing for 6 people to go away on a holiday!  Then I can come home to my own familiar kitchen, cook a simple supper and sleep in my own lovely bed.

fried eggs with spicy tamarind dressing

(Neil Perry)

2 large eggs
vegetable oil for deep frying
1 handful each of mint, coriander and Thai basil leaves
1 red shallot, finely sliced
deep fried shallots to serve


1 long red chilli, deseeded and chopped
3 wild green chillies, chopped
1 clove of garlic, chopped
2 coriander roots, scraped and chopped
1 1/2 tablespoons caster sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons fish sauce
1 1/2 tablespoons lime juice
1 1/2 tablespoons tamarind water

For the dressing, pound up the chillies, garlic, coriander root and sugar in a mortar with a pestle to a fine paste.  Add fish sauce, lime juice and tamarind water.  Taste and adjust if need be.

Heat the vegetable oil in a wok to smoking point (180 degrees).  Crack one egg at a time into a bowl and gently slip into the hot oil.  Use a large spoon to carefully spoon hot oil over the top of the egg.  It only needs a minute or less to get nice and crisp on the edges then use a slotted spoon to carefully lift egg out and onto a plate lined with paper towel.  Repeat with other egg.

Mix together herbs, shallots, fried shallots and a little of the dressing.  Place the eggs on a plate and arrange the herb salad on top.  Drizzle with remaining dressing.

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3 Responses to Fried Eggs With Spicy Tamarind Dressing

  1. Beth says:

    Sorry to hear your littlees haven’t been so well. Now that the weather is a little cooler let’s hope that sleeping gets a little easier and everyone starts to feel better.
    I have slowly been trawling through your great recipes and picking things out to try – it’s been great fun. Thanks.

  2. natalie says:

    Thanks Beth. I think kids are starting to sleep just a little longer already!

  3. Linda D says:

    These eggs were scrumptious!
    I am really enjoying your blog. You make such a variety of dishes and every one I’ve tried has been delicious. Thank you for taking the time to post your wonderful recipes.

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