Spiced Orange

In last years Christmas edition of Gourmet Traveller is a beautiful feast that I have been dreaming of.
* grilled lobster and vine leaves with confit garlic and tomato
* turkey with pan roasted vegetables, muscat glazed onions and spiced orange
* red oak fennel and radish salad with red wine vinaigrette
All set in the vineyard of a winery in central Victoria. I would be very happy to be transported to that dining table come Christmas lunch.

I’m not lining up for seafood this year so there will be no lobster. Turkey will be on the menu so I thought I would at least put a jar of spiced orange on the table. They can be made well in advance and kept in a sterilised jar in the fridge for up to 2 months. This bottle I made last week to have with a turkey I roasted on the Weber.

The recipe calls for thin skinned oranges. I had no luck finding good oranges and therefore found the rind too bitter to eat however the flesh was so lovely with the turkey. It worked just the same as a big dollop of cranberry relish would. A bit of sweetness in each mouthful but next time I would like to add a few more spices.

The cinnamon spiked jar of oranges looked beautiful on the table and would be a lovely gift to take to someones house if they are hosting a big traditional turkey dinner. Next year I will make this a month or two earlier and hopefully get my hands on some better oranges.

On another note. Keeping toddlers and young children entertained on the holidays whilst preparing for all the things that need to be done for Christmas can be a little tricky. I will get the kids to help as much as possible but 2 year olds just aren’t that helpful. Setting up a table of dry food, little bowls, a saucepan and spoons to ‘cook’ with keeps Elliott entertained for a good hour. An oldie but a goodie. Sometimes I need reminding of the simple activities that keep kids happily busy.

I set this little table up right next to the kitchen. Then I just sweep up the mess after. Amazingly he hasn’t tired of it even though he has done it several times over the last week. The older kids like to get in and ‘cook’ too.

spiced orange

(from Gourmet Traveller December 2009)

1kg thin skinned oranges
1 kg sugar
350ml white wine vinegar
1 cinnamon quill

Bring a large saucepan of water to the boil and add the whole oranges. Bring back to the boil and then simmer, covered for 10 minutes. Remove oranges with a slotted spoon. When cool slice horizontally into 5mm slices.

In another saucepan combine the sugar, vinegar, cinnamon quill and 100ml water. Bring to the boil and leave to bubble away for 5 minutes. Add orange slices and simmer over a medium heat until translucent – about 4 minutes.

Once cooled cover and leave overnight. The next day bring it back to the boil then simmer for 5 minutes. Transfer the orange slices to a sterilised jar. Bring the syrup back to the boil and leave it to boil for 2 minutes then pour over the oranges into the jar. Seal the jar.

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