Yoghurt Sorbet

Karen Martini has some pretty impressive looking desserts in her new book ‘Feasting’. This one in particular caught my eye because it is so simple. A melon baller is used to make little balls out of the watermelon which you pile up on a plate and scatter with some raspberries. Top with some store bought yoghurt sorbet or vanilla ice-cream and some flaked almonds. Drizzle with a sugar syrup infused with some fresh lychees and rosewater. What a beautiful dessert!

I was keen to try it but my focus was diverted to attempting some homemade yoghurt sorbet. At the library last week I picked up a copy of Nigel Slater’s ‘The Kitchen Diaries’. Why has it taken me so long to discover Nigel Slater. I had come across a blog recently which featured a Nigel Slater recipe and that started me on a mission to find more of his recipes. ‘The Kitchen Diaries’ is brilliant. I could read this book cover to cover. He has so many books which I would love to buy but I don’t know which one to start with. Any recommendations? I’m thinking of ‘Real Cooking’ or ‘The 30-Minute Cook’.

In ‘The Kitchen Diaries’ I chanced upon a recipe for ‘An impromptu sorbet’. Yoghurt, icing sugar and an ice-cream maker. Tick, tick and tick. So I made it and it was so refreshing and creamy. I did add the zest of a lime which went really well with the raspberry and watermelon salad. The quantities below make a small amount so next time I will double it. The recipe is the shortest I know but to quote Nigel Slater ‘the result is one of the most startling sorbets I have ever made’.

A friend of mine made me some delicious frozen yoghurt made with natural yoghurt, lime juice, lime zest and sugar. It didn’t require an ice-cream maker but when you go to serve it you need to allow 10 minutes or so for it to soften. It was quite creamy despite not being churned in an ice-cream maker so if you don’t have one I think it is still well worth a go. I guess it is the semifreddo version.

All the kids loved the yoghurt sorbet. The first spoonful was entertaining with faces contorting from the sourness of yoghurt when sweet ice-cream was expected. Elliott even spat his out but then he smacked his lips together, tasted it again and begged for more and more. So I will be filing this recipe away for hot Summer afternoon teas. How lovely to come home from a hot day at school to a bowl of homemade yoghurt sorbet.

Below is a photo from our front veranda of the last days of the beautiful Jacarandas. For the last few weeks I have been wanting to walk around our neighbourhood and photograph the trees in bloom but it hasn’t happened. Next year. For some reason they are making me crave honey and lavender ice-cream. Must be a colour connection.

yoghurt sorbet

(Nigel Slater ‘Kitchen Diaries’)

500g yoghurt (I used Greek yoghurt)
4 tablespoons icing sugar

Whisk the icing sugar into the yoghurt and churn in an ice-cream machine.

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