Mushroom And Mascarpone Pizza Bianco

I picked up a pizza stone whilst at Taste yesterday. An impulse buy. But an impulse buy I’m so happy with. We do pizza every Friday night and in Summer it is unbearable to have the oven on high heating up the entire house. So I am keen to take the heat outside on to the back deck and cook on the hooded barbecue as much as possible. I’ve found pizzas tricky to do on the BBQ but we had fantastic results with the pizza stone.

I put the stone on the BBQ before lighting the 2 outside burners and left that to heat up whilst I got on with rolling the dough. The Bill Granger pizza dough recipe is what I use but double it so there is enough for 4 pizzas. Allow at least an hour for the dough to rise before you start rolling it out.

Sprinkle a little polenta on a sheet of baking paper and lay one rolled dough round on top. Layer up the toppings of choice and then slide the pizza off the baking paper and onto the hot pizza stone. Pop the lid down and leave for 10 minutes. I used a big flat spatula but you can buy steel flexible peels which help lift the cooked pizza off the stone. The base of the pizza gets so crisp that it isn’t too hard to remove.

The Mushroom and Mascarpone Pizza was the final pizza I made tonight so I brought it straight to the table on the pizza stone. It was fabulous. So Friday nights in Summer are sorted.

The Mushroom and Mascarpone Pizza is one of my absolute favourite pizzas. It is from a Gourmet Traveller magazine from 2006 and I have regularly made it since. The garlic, lemon and thyme oil is so fragrant and the mascarpone is decadent. The quantities below are for 4 x 25cm round pizzas.

I always do a tomato based pizza to please the kids with a basic tomato sauce. Today was too busy to stop and buy ham so we just had cheese, basil and halved cherry tomatoes from my sisters garden.

mushroom and mascarpone pizza bianco

(from Gourmet Traveller, May 2006)

100g mascarpone
50g pecorino pepato, shaved
150g mushrooms, thinly sliced

garlic, lemon and thyme oil

2 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon finely grated lemon rind
1 tablespoon thyme leaves
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

Combine garlic, lemon rind and thyme leaves along with 2 teaspoons sea salt in a mortar and pestle and pound to a paste. Add lemon juice and olive oil and stir to combine.

Spread a quarter of the mascarpone over the base of the pizza. Scatter over the pecorino, mushrooms and a good drizzle of the garlic, lemon and thyme oil. Cook in a really hot oven or on a hooded BBQ over indirect heat on a pizza stone. Season to taste and serve immediately.

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4 Responses to Mushroom And Mascarpone Pizza Bianco

  1. CA Smith says:

    Hi, I tried your mushroom and mascarpone pizza tonight. Just a note: it was way too salty. The two teaspoons of salt added to the thyme/lemon sauce are totally unecessary – there is already quite a bit of salt in the romano. Also, the olive oil is not really needed (the pizza was pretty oily and I had added less than the 1/4 cup called for in the recipe.)

    Just a note for those who are trying this in the future – the amount of salt called for here makes it almost inedible.

    • natalie says:

      You are right. That is too much salt and I think you have misread the recipe. No salt is specified in the recipe. It just says ‘season to taste’. The 1/4 cup of oil is for drizzling over 4 pizzas but you can always adjust how much you drizzle over. Just do whatever looks good to you. I hope you give it another go with better success! Nat

      • CA Smith says:

        Hi- if you look at the instructions for making the paste you will see it instructs the cook to add 2TS of salt- 🙂 but otherwise this recipe would have been excellent. Thank you for posting it.

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