Soy Roasted Almonds

A fellow foodie told me just a couple of days ago about a cookware shop in Brisbane I had not heard of. Taste in Fortitude Valley. Two levels of cookware and bakeware. So many lovely things for Elliott to break but we managed to get in and out with the shop intact.

One of the little things I bought was the tiny dish in the photo. I have been looking for something small to roast nuts in as part of a ‘spiced nuts’ Christmas gift. I wanted to buy a lovely little dish, some fresh nuts from Mick’s Nut Shop at West End, a little bag of spices and instructions on roasting the spiced nuts.

I thought I would try out Annabel Langbein’s recipe for Soy Roasted Almonds and they are delicious however they aren’t very Christmassy. Karen Martini has a recipe for Spanish Roasted Almonds and they sound so good but not suitable for packaging. I have another recipe I will try but it calls for a couple of fresh ingredients which won’t store but maybe I can get away without them.

Has anyone got a good spiced nut recipe? I am ideally after a recipe with just spices and sea salt that I can pop in a little bag alongside the nuts. If the recipe calls for oil too I would just assume that the receiver of this gift will have that on hand.

As for the Soy Roasted Nuts they are so simple I feel I can get away without typing up the recipe. I didn’t make the full quantity specified in the recipe instead I used just over half a cup of almonds with a teeny tiny bit of vegetable oil and just under a tablespoon for dark soy sauce. Gave it a quick mix and baked it in the dish for 12 minutes at 175 degrees C.

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  1. mobilemediagirls says:

    LOVE Taste! They also hold cooking demos and classes. Soy roasted almonds are a staple in our house. Spiced nuts? The best ones I ever did were a Bill Grainger one, but I have LOST the recipe!!! They were addictive. They had salt and spices, but also some brown sugar which gave them a great sweet and sour taste.

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