Mini Flourless Chocolate And Almond Desserts

To be honest I’m not sharing any new recipe. I have just found a new way to serve the Little Chocolate Cakes and turn them into mini desserts. They worked beautifully.

Just bake the cakes in a nice thick paper case and when they are cool, scoop some good vanilla ice-cream on top. Hand out the spoons and there is hardly any washing up. This would be a handy recipe to keep in mind if you have a lot of people to feed. Plus it is just so yummy!

Today is World Teachers Day. I completely forgot until another mum mentioned it yesterday and I thought I should give something small to thank the many teachers for my many children. A batch of cupcakes is small and simple but I figure teachers get enough of the butter cream iced cupcakes for all the kids birthdays. So these flourless cakes seem a little more sophisticated.

One batch of these cakes was enough for all the teachers plus our mini desserts. Easy peasy.

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