Anna, a mum from school who was born in Italy, was telling me a couple of months ago how wonderful a stovetop espresso maker is. I have been thinking of buying one for awhile but thought I should just get a 1 or 2 cup maker. But Anna insisted I should get a large pot even though I am the only coffee drinker in our house. She makes a pot and uses what she needs then pops the rest in the fridge for the next day to warm up.

We did a big trip to the shops yesterday and a big department store had 30% off tea and coffee makers so I thought this was my moment. I am really happy with the results. I am able to get the strength I can’t get from a plunger and then top it up with warmed milk. So good.

Speaking of coffee I am constantly amazed at how accessible good coffee is here in Australia and also how expensive it is. There has been a lot of talk lately about how Brisbane coffee is more expensive then Sydney and Melbourne and that it looks set to rise as our desire for good coffee increases. Hopefully I can save a buck or two with my new stovetop!

On our holiday at Peregian Beach there are so many cafes to choose from and hole-in-the-wall coffee shops. Every second person sitting on the sand down by the sea seemed to sipping on a takeaway latte. As I was driving back to Brisbane I craved a warm coffee to sip on and help me stay awake so I turned off to Yandina, a very small hinterland town, but sure enough I had heaps of sweet little places to choose from to buy a coffee. I ended up stopping at Goodness Gracious Organic Cafe which was lovely. There was ginger everywhere. Yandina is ginger territory and home to one of my favourite restaurants – The Spirit House. (On my ‘About Me’ page there is a photo of Elliott and me at The Spirit House)

Having my own espresso on hand I can whip up a quick dessert providing I have ice-cream in the freezer. School friends introduced me to my first affogato after our year 12 valedictory. We all went out to the Betty Blue cafe which has long since gone and someone told me to have an affogato. I think it was the highlight of my night.


a pot of espresso coffee
hazelnut liqueur
good vanilla ice-cream

I don’t worry about quantities. The best way to serve this to a group of people is to scoop 1 or 2 scoops of the ice-cream into individual glasses or bowls. Pour a shot of hazelnut liqueur into individual glasses. Hand these out to everyone with a spoon.

Encourage everyone to pour the liqueur over their ice-cream or they can sip it on the side. Then pass the pot of espresso around. Everyone can pour some espresso over the ice-cream and liqueur to taste. Some like it strong and others, less so.

A very low maintenance dessert which is so delicious. Even Joel, who does not like coffee or Frangelico, loves this simple dessert.

The tea towel under the coffee pot is from beautiful Bangalow. My friend, Laura, gave it to me. Too lovely to dry dishes with! It spends most of its time hanging on my oven door just to look at.

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