Coffee And Bill

We have one of those fantastic fully enclosed trampolines. If it wasn’t for that wonderful invention I would not have one single moment to myself for the school holidays. At present, all four children are happily bouncing and playing tag on the trampoline so I can sit on the back deck and type away.

I am an avid cookbook collector. I know what books are coming out and have a never ending wish list of new books to buy or borrow from the library. So of course I knew Bill Granger had a new book coming out. At first the word was it would be out on the 1st of September. So after school drop offs my two younger children and I headed up to our favourite book store at Paddington to make the highly anticipated purchase. I was told that it wasn’t out and won’t be out until the 1st of October. But then yesterday I am walking through Myer and his new book is sitting on the shelf! Not sure what happened but I’m so excited about this book. It is one of his best.

I think I want to make everything. There are delicious looking flatbreads for the BBQ.

Chickpea burgers. I am always on the look out for a good vegetarian burger so I’ll be sure to give it a go.

I noticed a photograph of some purple carrots. A friend of mine was telling me that purple carrots are the new ‘super’ food. Where on earth do you get them? Levi studied plants last term at school and he tells me purple carrots and white carrots were the original carrots. Orange carrots didn’t come about until the 16th century.

To more pressing matters (excuse the pun), what is the best way to plunge coffee? If you asked Bill Granger you might get conflicting methods.

I really love my coffee and would love to get a proper coffee machine but as I’m the only coffee drinker in our busy household I can’t warrant the expense and the bench space a machine would take up. I would love to get an Otto Espresso machine because it seems to do the same job but sits on the stovetop and looks stylish. But once again I can’t justify the price tag. So I buy fresh Merlo coffee regularly and use my plunger and then every other day I treat myself to buying a good coffee.

Back to Bill’s conflicting advice. In 2005 he put out Simply Bill and he advises not to let your coffee stand before plunging. I have followed this advice for years.

But in his new book Bill’s Basics he advises the complete opposite. I trusted you Bill.

This morning I followed this recipe down to the last minute. Very happy. Good strong coffee with a good amount of crema on top. Not bad for plunger coffee. 50g of coffee is a lot more then I usually use but so worth it. I also use one of those milk frothing things where you warm the milk and then pump the press up and down until the milk is high and frothy. It doesn’t compare to the latte from my favourite little deli up the road but it is a good home coffee.

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