Sourdough Bread

My mum has been baking bread for years and in recent years has been mastering sourdough. She seems to have perfected the recipe and it is really, really good. Mum gave me a few bags of sliced sourdough that she had made but was unable to eat as her and Dad have gone overseas for 10 months. So I was toasting a piece each morning to have with butter and jam. Then I moved onto avocado, sea salt, cracked pepper and lemon oil. Just as I got addicted and the first thought on my mind each morning was sourdough toast, my supply ran out.

The above photo was the final, semi-squished slice of mums’ sourdough. Now my mum has given me her recipes – the starter (levain) and the sourdough. I have not made it yet. But I figured posting the recipe is one step closer.

In the meantime I had to feed my addiction. So I went to Banneton at Ashgrove and stocked up. I sliced up the sourdough loaf and popped it in a zip lock bag in the freezer. Then I just take one precious piece a day and toast it for breakfast. So good.

To track down all the specific flours then visit Basic Ingredients. They have everything you will need and home deliver to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Sydney.

sourdough starter (levain)

When making levain, stand it in a warm place (26 – 30 degrees) at each step.

Combine 100g rye flour and 100ml lukewarm water in a bowl, cover tightly with plastic wrap and stand for 24 hours.

Then add 200g rye flour and 200ml lukewarm water to the mixture. Combine well, cover and stand for another 24 hours.

On day 3, combine 200g of existing mixture (discard remainder) with 200g rye flour and 200ml lukewarm water in a clean bowl. Cover and stand for 24 hours.

By day 4 the mixture should be puffy with a sour fermenting aroma. Again combine 200g of the existing mixture (discard rest) with 200g rye flour and 200ml lukewarm water. Cover and stand for 1 hour before storing in the fridge.

On day 5 the levain is ready to use. Mixture will keep up to 3 months.

To use, drain any liquid, stand at room temperature for 6 hours. Take 200g of the mixture (discard rest*), combine well with 200g rye flour and 200ml lukewarm water. Cover and stand for 24 hours.

* Just a side note. My mum does not discard the rest of the levain at that final step. She keeps feeding it with equal parts of rye flour and lukewarm water and stores it in the fridge.


(enough for 2 loaves)

630g brero flour
70g rye flour
17g sea salt
7g malt 10
280g levain
490mls water

Mix the ingredients into a dough then rest for 2 hours.

Divide dough into 2 and give dough a knead then rest for about 1 hour.

Knead dough and mould into the desired shape. Rest for approximately 3 hours.

Bake 200 degrees (no fan) for 35 to 40 minutes.

(As I’m reading my mums recipe I’m unsure I have all the method details correct. If I don’t I will make the changes ASAP)

UPDATE – my mum has sent the following notes from Russia.

I use the dough hook on the kenwood for about 5 mins or more till it is well mixed and the gluten makes the dough very stretchy….makes a better rise. Between rising I stretch and fold to enclose air in the dough also for a better rise.

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