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Creme Anglaise

You might need a creme anglaise recipe to have with your little chocolate cakes. For Christmas pudding I like to make this with a splash of Cointreau and zest of an orange. I just made a massive tray pavlova which … Continue reading

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Little Chocolate Cakes

This is a Jill Dupleix recipe. I have many recipes for flourless chocolate and almond cakes and they are all delicious. But I thought I would give this a go because they are teeny tiny, quicker to bake and look … Continue reading

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Buaraba Creek Road

We found a beautiful patch of land out at Buaraba, west of Brisbane, several years ago which Joel’s parents purchased for all the family to use for weekends or holidays. We have only been once since Elliott was born. That … Continue reading

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Coffee And Bill

We have one of those fantastic fully enclosed trampolines. If it wasn’t for that wonderful invention I would not have one single moment to myself for the school holidays. At present, all four children are happily bouncing and playing tag … Continue reading

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Sourdough Bread

My mum has been baking bread for years and in recent years has been mastering sourdough. She seems to have perfected the recipe and it is really, really good. Mum gave me a few bags of sliced sourdough that she … Continue reading

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Ice-Cream Cake

This is a recipe I found in one of those free supermarket magazines a couple of years ago. It might have even been an advertising feature. Anyway it is a simple idea that is easy to make and pleases everyone. … Continue reading

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Chocolate Strawberry Trifle For Kids

Friday night means dessert night. It has been a very busy week so I hadn’t really planned our dessert treat for tonight. On Wednesday before I iced the cake for Tilly’s teacher aide I sliced off some cake to help … Continue reading

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A Cake For An Artist

Although the cake isn’t shaped like a paint palette (my eldest boy thought I could have made a better effort in the cake shaping department) I think you get the general idea. Tilly’s teacher aide was leaving today to focus … Continue reading

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Sautéed Potato And Chorizo

I keep coming across recipes I want to try that have chorizo but never try them. I bought some chorizo last week so we could try one of the recipes over the weekend. Karen Martini has fantastic recipes so I … Continue reading

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Sticky Date Cake With Butterscotch Sauce

I don’t know anyone, to my knowledge, who doesn’t like Sticky Date Pudding. My eldest son use to think it was called ‘Sticky Tape Pudding”. Sweetheart. I have tried a few recipes and all have been successful. But I still … Continue reading

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