Salad of Radishes, Orange, Olives and Hazelnuts

Thanks to my mother-in-law (who stopped over in Brisbane) Joel and I were able to go out for dinner together on Friday. Hooray! I have been really keen to go to Ortiga in the Valley so we went.

Having a beautifully prepared salad is so enjoyable. I sometimes find it hard to give salads proper attention. My focus tends to be on the mains and then I throw a few leaves together with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. So I have many memories of ordering a salad out and thoroughly enjoying the care and thought gone into it.

Friday we ordered the following:

ensalada moruna – salad of radishes, orange, hazelnuts, mache lettuce and black olives
whole slow cooked lamb shoulder with patatas a la pobre and lemon puree (for two)
dessert I can’t quite remember – something with cocoa jelly and milk ice-cream (whatever it was it was not rich it was the perfect dessert for our evening)

It was so lovely to have a roast meal to share over dinner. There is a restaurant in Paris I really want to go to where all the mains are for two. Roast lamb for two. Roast wild duck for two. Cote de boeuf for two. Sounds romantic. So Joel and I shared our roast shoulder of lamb and it was too much for us both so perhaps we should have organised a double date!

But for me the salad was the highlight. I have tried to replicate it for lunch but it does not come close. I made a delicious salad but it isn’t exactly the same. Ortiga used whole radishes and sprinkled their straggly top with olive dust. Very cute. But I struggled to cut into the whole radishes after a glass of cava on an empty stomach. Those little radishes just rolled around on the pristine, white plate. So today I sliced my radishes.

No idea what the dressing was at Ortiga so I just googled for a similar recipe and found this one for a Hazelnut and Orange Salad and added olives and radishes. It was nice but next time I will try the dressing recipe from Radicchio with Oranges and Olives. Regardless, the combination of oranges, radishes, hazelnuts and olives is lovely. Worth trying for a nice salad for lunch or as an entree or side.

On a completely different note, one of my favourite local places to get a coffee has changed their take-away cups. I do try, really do, to take my reusable cup with me but I often forget. Today I forgot but I’m glad because the take-away cup has such a sweet little sketch on it of a street scene.

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