A Chocolate Cake

I am always looking for better and more delicious recipes. A good chocolate cake recipe is ever elusive and I have been looking for years. A lot of recipes claim it is ‘the ultimate’ or ‘the best’ but most leave me unimpressed unless served with a big scoop of good ice-cream.

I have found 3 chocolate cake recipes that I’m very happy with and will one day post them up. One of them is Jill Dupleix’s Flourless Chocolate Cake (adapted from Elizabeth David’s recipe) and another is the Australian Women’s Weekly Boiled Chocolate Cake. The Jill Dupleix cake is a decedent dessert cake best served with a vanilla creme angalise. The AWW recipe is a good all rounder family chocolate cake. The final one is from one of the first cookbooks I bought when I was in grade 11 or 12 (I will have to dig it out to find out specifics). It is a mud cake which I haven’t made for awhile but it was always a reliable, delicious cake.

But I have 3 other recipes* on my short list of chocolate cake recipes to try. This is one of them. It is from the Gourmet Farmer DVD with Matthew Evans – Sydney food critic turned novice farmer. I loved the show. The kids watched parts of it too. They were all very interested to see how a chicken running freely transforms into a roast chicken on our dinner table. None of them were shocked. Just very curious.

I had high expectations of this recipe because of its source. But, once again, I’m left unimpressed. The cake was quite dry but it could have been due to my poor baking effort. I won’t bake it again so I won’t bother typing out the recipe but you can have a look at it over at the SBS recipes website. There is the video to look at too. If someone had made me this cake and served it with ice-cream I don’t think I would be so critical. When other people cook or bake for me the food just tastes yummier.

If you do make it I would suggest go for a 20cm round springform tin as opposed to the 22cm. It needed the extra height for presentation and it might, just might, have been a little bit less dry.

Jill Dupleix did an article last year on the top 50 recipes. I can only tick off a handful of the recipes that I have cooked but she included Elizabeth David’s Flourless Chocolate and Almond Cake.

* A Nadine Abensur cake and a Vogue Entertaining cake

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