Passionfruit Cream

My mum has a passionfruit vine that is overloaded at the moment. Mum sent some home with me the other day and they didn’t really need anything done with them as they are lovely and sweet. However I have been reading lots of recipes about Lemon Posset especially this one from Claire Clark of The French Laundry in California.

I followed her recipe but replaced 1 and a half of the lemons for the pulp of 2 passionfruit. The result was very delicious however it didn’t set as well as I imagine it should have. I will try the original recipe (I should have done this before playing around) and maybe just have the sweet passionfruit on the side next time.

Just as I pulled the camera out to snap this photo my 1 year old grabbed a spoon and plunged it into the passionfruit cream. I pried his chubby little hand off the spoon and that started a bit of a melt down. The rejection. The missed opportunity. I don’t know what it was about but it was loud!

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